Virtual Box - if you must use M$ apps

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Virtual Box - if you must use M$ apps

Post by jhjove » July 4th, 2011, 9:07 pm

If you must use M$ for that special application or game, run Virtual Box in your linux OS.
Available from Oracle, open-source.

Do your emailing/browsing/shopping/banking....all your day to day tasks in linux.
But when you need to run that game or other special app that is only available through M$ enter VirtualBox.

Works great for old apps that would run only on W2K. You can create an image for W2K, an image for WXP,
and an image for W7.
Pretty slick. And if you're keeping an old box around for W2K or WXP you can get rid of it by running a virtual machine.

Plus unlike a partitioning solution you don't need to reboot the hardware.

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